Everyone uses the Internet though no one owns the Internet as we discussed in this article. Today, we will learn what is Internet usage. What is the usage of the Internet?

Of course, it is true that the Internet has immense usage. The Internet presents everywhere, from a single piece of information to running a company. So let’s explore this interesting topic what is Internet usage?

What Is Internet Usage?

What Is Internet Usage

The volume of information sent back and forth between your device and the Internet over a specific period of time is referred to as internet usage. Internet usage measured in terms of bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, and so on.

Each and every online Internet activity consume data which we call Internet usage. However, How much Internet you consume depends on your online activity. I mean what you are doing online significantly affects your Internet consumption.

The speed of the Internet is another variable that affects Internet usage. Obviously, if you’re streaming large games online or streaming ultra HD videos, it requires intense Internet data along with fast Internet speed.

Unfortunately, some countries like Cuba, Crimea, Iran, etc. have banned Google and Google-led services. So, these countries have almost negligible Internet usage or consumption.

What counts as Internet usage? What is the difference between data usage and Internet usage?

what is internet usage

The amount of data your device uploads or downloads through data plans is known as data usage or data consumption. On the other hand, Internet usage is different. It is the amount of information shared between your device and the Internet.

Assume you have 100GB of data for a month, then how much you will consume from that 100GB is your data usage. The activity you have done to consume 100GB of data is your Internet usage which can be anything from watching a movie to streaming games.

What is the usage of the Internet?

Nearly two-thirds of worldwide people presently have access to the Internet, and This is clearly seen in the below image.

What is the usage of the internet
Source: DataReportal

As we discussed already, the Internet has unlimited usage. Some people only use social media as the Internet. However, there is some very common usage of the Internet as mentioned below:

  • Electronic mail.
  • Research.
  • Downloading files, including movies.
  • Discussion groups.
  • Interactive online games.
  • Education and self-improvement.
  • Friendship and dating.
  • Shopping.
  • Electronic newspapers and magazines.
  • Smart devices.
  • Security systems.

Internet usage penetration rate is growing rapidly year by year. No doubt, social media is the only platform that grabs the top position when it comes to usage of the Internet and data consumption.

Final Thoughts

It is all about what is Internet usage and how Internet usage is different from data usage. It is rare when users are able to interpret the difference between the two as generally, it doesn’t affect their online activity.

I hope this small guide helps you understand what Internet usage Is? You may share with us your thoughts in comments on Internet consumption and the online activity that uses most of your data.

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