After doing extensive keyword research and writing an excellent blog post, how do you know your article is doing well? You need keyword rank checker tools to check whether your keywords performing as per your expectations.

I’m going to tell you the top 10 best keyword rank checker tools which save your time drastically. You just have to register or sign up on a particular tool, enter your website, and press enter.

What Are Keyword Rank Checker Tools?

Keyword rank checker tools determine how well your site performs on specific keywords and keep an eye on your competitor’s site, and how they rank on the same keyword. These tools provide you with a broader idea of your site in terms of keywords.

Rank checker tools help you examine the position your website landing pages are shown when a user searches for your targeted keywords. These tools have massive databases and search results that create a complete analysis for keyword ranking.

Why Use Keyword Rank Checker Tools?

Keyword rank checker tools are as essential as keyword research tools. Although earlier bloggers do not use these tools extensively nowadays, competition is at its peak. Therefore, it is impossible to get a position on the first page without evaluating your ranking.

But why do you need a position on the first page? According to SEMrush, 63% of clicks came through the 1st position of the page, 33% clicks through the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th position, and only less than 5% of users touched the 2nd page.

Then, what is the benefit of appearing on search engine results when you cannot get a position on 1st and do not get traffic? That’s why we use different tools to overcome these issues.

Do you get my point? Ok, Good. Let’s see the top 10 best keyword rank checker tools.

1 – SEMrush

This tool is the favorite of all pro-bloggers, and why shouldn’t it? It is packed with all the necessary features to deal with blogging and SEO. In addition, it comes with a ‘Freemium (free+premium) version. You can try 7-day free trial; you can take a premium subscription if you like.

best keyword rank checker

Login to your SEMrush account (or register with your email). Next, click on the left side menu, scroll down, and locate “Position tracking.” Now put your website or web post URL and click on check.

SEMrush supports Google ranking as well as Bing. You can also connect your site to the Google Search Console, get your keyword directly, and get your keyword rank position.

2 – ahrefs

ahrefs is the most popular and most used next to SEMrush. ahrefs is also an All-in-one tool for SEO and content marketing. ahrefs’ keyword rank checker tool is free to use. Enter your website and the keywords you target, then enter your country or country where you want to check that your keywords rank in a particular country.

Now click on check ranking; it will tell your position on a particular country and your competitor’s position regarding your position. You can compare both reports and take the necessary actions.

3 – SmallSeoTools

The best thing about this tool is that it is entirely free so it is beneficial for beginners who do not want an initial investment. Furthermore, you can try up to 10 keywords at once and check the position of all of them.

Just enter the domain name, keywords and search engine and click the blue ‘Check Position’ button. You can also choose which device you want to check ranking Viz; Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet.

This tool also finds errors or defects if the site does not rank well and provides necessary improvements.

4 – Google Rank Checker

Google rank checker tool launched by ‘Phedra Tech online‘ with the collaboration of Google. It is not a tool; it is an extension of Google.

Go to Google, search for the ‘google rank checker tool,’ and install the extension on your desktop. Now enter any keyword on google and click on the extension icon, and this tool tells you the position of the site. It is Free and super easy.

5 – Moz

Moz is also a prominent and popular tool, especially for keyword research and SEO; that’s why I prefer it in the 5th position. Even Moz is the first one who initiated the SERP ranking in the internet world.

Keyword rank checker tools

Go to ‘Moz keyword rank checker tools‘; it will lead you to the Moz rank checker screen. Now enter your keyword, website or post URL, and country and click on Search.

Your keyword position will be displayed to you; you can use Moz’s improvement system to improve your ranking.

6 – SureOak

SureOak is also easy and free to use and best to know your competitor’s position.

Keyword rank checker tools

Just enter the domain to find related keyword positions; this can be for any website, including your website, a client’s website, or even a competitor.

Now enter your keyword; if you do not know the exact keywords, then enter up to 3 keywords matching your blog and press Enter. Your keyword position will demonstrate on your screen.

7 – Serpwatcher

Serpwatcher is developed by Mangools and solely designed for keyword rank checkers. However, it provides all other SERP tools like SERP performance.

Keyword rank checker tools

You can track your keywords according to the Geo-locations and different devices. Just enter your domain or competitor’s domain and click on ‘Start Tracking.’ You will get 10 day Free trial after creating your account on SerpWatcher.

8 – Accuranker

Accuranker provides 24 hours automatic updates and updates regularly, even every second. You can refresh keywords one by one or choose a selection of keywords you want to update.

You can start a 14-day free trial, and then you can subscribe to their service later. You do not have to provide your credit card or other payment information.

9 – Seobility

Seobility is one of the Free keyword rank checker tools. The Seobility SEO checker crawls the URL you enter, similar to how search engines work.

Keyword rank checker tools

Seobility provides 200 SEO issues why your website does not rank on particular keywords and offers relevant suggestions to improve them. It also reveals page SEO, link structure, page quality, and other external factors.

10 – Tiny Ranker

It claims to be the world’s most SEO-friendly keyword rank checker tool. It tracks multiple keywords at a time and delivers daily automatic updates.

In a tiny ranker, you can track 2000 keywords at once. It comes with a free and paid plan, but you will get a 30-day free trial before you pay and subscribe for paid.


Creating a website and writing the best content is not enough; you have to check where you are standing and where your keywords rank. That’s why you need keyword rank checker tools.

There are thousands of keyword rank checker tools, but these are the top 10 best keyword rank checker tools. These are easy to use, and with a free trial, even some tools are Free for a lifetime.

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