Do you want to cut off from the Internet completely? Then you must learn how to disappear completely from the Internet. Is it possible to disappear from the Internet forever?

It is almost impossible to live without an online profile in the digital era. So even if you are using a smartphone without a social account and thinking that you are not searchable online, then you are wrong.

You may already have an online identity, regardless of your profession. An online profile means not only social accounts but also includes your emails and government IDs. But the good news is that it is possible to disappear from the Internet.

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How To Disappear Completely From The Internet?

How To Disappear Completely From The Internet?

Knowing the fact that becoming invisible from the Internet has a harsh effect on one’s professional and social life. If you still dare to look for how to completely disappear from the Internet, this guide will help you accomplish this.

Cutting off from the Internet is not an easy task, though. You have to remove all of your online presence, including social accounts like Facebook and Instagram; professional accounts like Email and LinkedIn; search engine results, etc.

Before You Delete Your All Online Data

Before you go ahead with how to disappear completely from the Internet, you must understand its consequences. First thing first, once you delete yourself from the Internet entirely, it’s impossible to reverse this action.

Secondly, disappearing from the Internet means giving up your social life (at least your online social life). This is the most suffering part of professional life, especially if you are a business person.

You are unable to deal with your clients, peers, and partners through email.

When you permanently disappear from the Internet, it also has positive outcomes apart from adverse consequences:

  • You can get rid of social media noise and live your life peacefully.
  • No intrusion on your privacy.
  • No fear of being spying by government and social media accounts.
  • You don’t have to be distracted while doing your important work.
  • No social and professional accounts mean no screen time and; long life for your eyes.

Step-by-step Guide For How To Disappear Completely From The Internet

Though it is possible to disappear permanently from the Internet yet, it’s not like swinging a magical wand and vanishing everything.

Removing yourself from the Internet is undoubtedly a long-haul process. So follow every step as discussed in the upcoming sections. Remember, this guide is not to protect you from getting identified, but it is to completely remove you from the digital world.

1. Delete all social media accounts

This is the first and easiest step to disappear from the Internet completely. Unless you remember where you have created your accounts, you can easily disappear from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.

To delete your accounts from social networks, you have to visit a particular account’s settings or profile settings. Here you will either find the “permanently delete your account” option, or you have to request for deletion.

For example, when you want to delete your Instagram account permanently, click on this link (Delete Your Instagram) or go to the Instagram setting and search for the delete profile option.

disappear yourself from the internet

Then select why you are deleting your account, enter a password, and click on the Permanently delete my account button. All the data will be removed from the Internet, and your Instagram profile will not appear on the Internet.

Similarly, you can delete any social media accounts. Indeed, it’s a hectic and time-consuming process, but it is worth it. Alternatively, you can use an account deletion tool like AccountKiller to remove all your accounts in a single click.

2. Delete Gmail And Associated Accounts

The next important (very important) step for how to disappear completely from the Internet is to remove all your Gmail accounts.

Whether you are using Google (or other search engines), YouTube, social networks, or entertainment media like Netflix, you need to register with your Gmail ID.

So when you completely give up your Gmail account, you will also automatically delete other accounts. Follow the below steps to remove your Gmail account:

  • First, go to the Gmail app.
  • Login to your respective Gmail account if not already.
  • On the top right corner, click on the three dots.

how to disappear completely from the internet

  • Select the manage account option.
  • Select and click on the Gmail account you want to delete permanently.
  • Next, click on the remove account button.

invisible completely from the internet

  • You will get an “account deletion warning” pop-up again; click on the remove button.
  • Now your Gmail account and associated data will be removed soon from the Internet.

Similarly, you can remove all the emails, whether they are for social purposes or professional purposes.

3. Completely Disappear From The Search Engines

This is the most complicated step to remove yourself from the Internet. Literally, anyone knows where he appears on search engines, where he signed up for any specific service.

You might be registered on your university dashboard, gaming sites, adult sites, or academic platforms. Possibly, if you have posted any information anywhere, comment on your favorite star’s profile.

But the good news is that it is possible to disappear permanently from the search engines.

disappear permanently from the search engines

You first need to open your regular browser and then the respective search engine for, say, Chrome. Type your original first name and last name in the Chrome browser and hit the search button.

You can see all the accounts that you have ever created on this browser will appear on search results. Find them, open them, and delete them. If you think you have created an account with a nickname, also put it in search engines and delete them.

Next, enter your phone number on Google Chrome and delete all the associated accounts with your mobile number.

How To Disappear Completely From The Internet

If you think something is missing or cannot remember the account you have created, try external tools like PeekYou and find all the accounts on the Internet and delete them.

Still not satisfied? Use a paid tool like DeleteMe to erase all your online data. It also deletes the content, comment, or any other information you have ever posted.

4. Use the Right To Be Forgotten Law

Am I Done With How To Disappear Completely From The Internet? Almost, but you have to take some more steps before finishing.

This is an exclusive law to prevent yourself from getting linked and searching on Google and Google services. However, this law is only applicable to the citizens of European Union regions.

Am I Done With How To Disappear Completely From The Internet

The “right to be forgotten” is the prevalent moniker for an obligation introduced in the European Union in May 2014 due to a European Court of Justice judgment.

According to the Court, European data protection legislation affords people the right to petition against search engines like Google to remove particular results for searches involving their identity.

To ask Google for the removal of your data, you have to fill out this form of the right to be forgotten law and submit your details what is asked.

5. Say Hi To Burner Phone

You have completed all the steps of how to disappear completely from the Internet, but what about your smartphone, tablet, and computers? Now is the time to throw away all your devices and embrace the burner phones.

how to disappear completely from the internet

A burner is a low-cost cell phone that is intended for occasional use before being dumped. Burners are acquired without the need for a subscription and with prepaid minutes.

To safeguard your anonymity, you can use a burner phone. You can use this phone and SIM card without fear of being detected because they aren’t tied to your real-world identity.

You can easily buy burner phones from popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, etc., at cheap prices.

Final Thoughts

It is all about how to disappear completely from the Internet or permanently disappear from the Internet. Removing yourself from the Internet is indeed a painful decision and doesn’t recommend by anyone.

It negatively affects your social and professional life and makes you alone. Almost every corporate work now relies on the Internet, as do all communications. Instead of this, you can remove your social accounts only.

However, if you decide to disappear completely from the Internet, then follow this guide step-wise. I hope you are able to get your query resolved.

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