If you don’t know, let me tell you there is a considerable difference between Wifi and Internet. We extensively consume data in the form of either Internet or WiFi without understanding the differences.

However, if you don’t know what is the difference between Wifi and Internet, it costs you nothing. But knowing the differences will definitely improve your productivity.

Internet is the communication network that runs over the Internet Protocol (IP) and connects all global networks and computers. On the other hand, WiFi is a wireless device that connects multiple devices to provide Internet access.

After knowing the fundamental differences, let’s explore more what is Internet and WiFi are and how Wifi different from the Internet.

What Is The Difference Between Wifi And Internet?

There is a significant difference between Wifi and Internet except for the similarity that both powers the user to connect to the world. One is a global network of networks, while another is a wireless Internet provider.

You can send and receive unlimited data and information to countless devices using the Internet. On the other hand, WiFi connects a limited number of devices with a single source to provide Internet access.

Before we dig more into WiFi vs Internet and the difference between Wifi and Internet, let me explain to you the basic terminology of Internet and Wifi and how they work.

What Is Internet?

difference between wifi and internet.

In simple terms, the Internet is the network of networks that sends and receives data via Internet Protocol (IP). This network is massive enough to connect global networks from your home wifi to the connectivity of a data center.

Internet is interconnected networks of computers and devices that send data seamlessly across the globe without constraints. You can exchange data from 1 byte to hundreds of trillions within a fraction of a second!

No service can work without the Internet leave alone the digital technology. Of course, you can say, “I don’t need Internet because I have Wi-Fi routers, modems, and fiber connectivity.” But let me remind your Internet is the only entity to power all those systems.

Even when you use your system’s browser to look for anything on a search engine like Google, the results that display on the desktop are backed up by the Internet.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, while the Internet can transmit infinite data, it is dependent on the gadget and Internet service provider you are connected to. Also, read What Is The Difference Between Browser And Search Engine?

What Is WiFi?

what is the difference between wifi and internet

WiFi is the acronym for Wireless Fidelity which provides wireless Internet access to different devices like laptops, smartphones, printers, or other gadgets.

It doesn’t require a wire to connect with various devices; that’s why called wireless. Usually, it provides a decent speed compared to a regular hotspot on our smartphones.

A desktop wireless (Wi-Fi) router is the most popular means for consumers to access the Internet wirelessly. Such routers resemble little units with many tiny antennae that assist in distributing the signal around a house or office.

Data is transmitted over radio frequencies in a WiFi device in the circular mechanism or loop. WiFi works on a set of standards of regulations which is IEEE 802.11 at present, and uses a physical data link layer.

As stated above, WiFi connects different devices and providesĀ an Internet connection to them. But the speed and range depend on the router specifications that work on the radio frequencies.

wifi vs internet

The prevalent radio frequencies presently are the bandwidth of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. However, the speed in 2.4GHz is low due to low frequency as compared to 5GHz bandwidth with high frequency.

There is one little disadvantage to WiFi: in order to utilize it, we need to have a router, which requires power, so we cannot connect to the Internet if the power goes out.

Also, just because you have a WiFi router, it doesn’t imply you have Internet; you must purchase a package from your WiFi company.

Difference Between Wifi And Internet: WiFi Vs. Internet

So, you get the basic idea of WiFi and Internet, how they work, and the differences between them. Now, it’s time to understand the difference between Wifi and Internet with a detailed comparison table:

Table: Internet Vs. WiFi

Network of networks that power all the devicesWiFi is a wireless technology that provides internet access to other devices
Set of the predefined standard of internet protocols (IP/TCP)Work on radio frequency and bandwidth
Internet is present globally; you don’t need a device for the internetWiFi provides different ways to connect to the internet
WiFi is not required to have Internet accessInternet is necessary to run WiFi devices; however, you can connect them wirelessly
You can connect a countless number of devices and computers to the internet at a timeIn WiFi, you can connect a certain number of devices, say 250. More the devices poorer the connectivity
WiFi is connected to devices with a range of 50-100 meters onlyA mobile tower can be connected from the several kilometers


FAQs –> Difference Between WiFi And Internet

Are Internet And WiFi the Same?

No, Internet and WiFi are completely different. Internet is a global network of billions of interconnected computers, while WiFi is a wireless device that connects other different devices.

What is the difference between Wifi and Internet?

Wifi and the Internet are different in many ways; the Internet range is up to several kilometers, while the wifi range has up to 100 meters. Read the above article for a more detailed explanation.

Do I have WiFi without Internet?

You could have Wi-Fi without Internet, but for data transmission among the connected devices, you must have Internet.

Do I have Internet without Wi-Fi?

The Internet is a global network to transmit and share data to any corner of the world. The Internet doesn’t rely upon the Wi-Fi to transmit data; you can use the internet without wifi.

What is better WiFi or Internet?

Internet is better any day! Unless you want to share fast data among interconnected devices in a small range.

How do I get free WiFi?

You can free wifi from public places like restaurants, clubs, bars, universities, smart parks, etc.

Can you get Wi-Fi without a provider?

Yes. You can get Wi-Fi without an Internet provider. Click here for a detailed guide.

What is the difference between Wi-Fi and a router?

A router is a hardware that connects to the Internet and forwards the information to all connected devices. A Wi-Fi integrates the functionality of a router and a wireless access point in one device.

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