While Internet connectivity is getting costlier over time, users are looking for how to get wifi without Internet provider. Yes, it is possible to get wifi without an Internet provider or ISP.

In the present era, the Internet has become the most fundamental commodity. But there are odd situations when you haven’t access the Internet, like staying in the “zero Internet service” area or getting a sudden “collapse” of networks.

Or probably the Internet price is relatively high in your region, which you are unable to pay. In these situations, it’s good to learn how to get wifi without Internet provider that I am discussing here. Let’s begin.

How To Get Wifi Without Internet Provider?

If the cost of Internet access in your location is prohibitively expensive or you live in an area where Internet service providers are unavailable, you must hunt for alternatives. However, it is neither necessary nor recommended to depend on ISPs entirely.

There are a number of ways to get wifi without an Internet provider, including using a hotspot, mobile tethering, public wifi, cellular router, etc.

1. Mobile Hotspot

How To Get Wifi Without Internet Provider

A mobile hotspot is the cheapest and most easily accessible option to get wifi without Internet providers. Nowadays, every smartphone has a hotspot and is able to connect as many devices as you want; other mobiles & laptops.

The benefit of a mobile hotspot is its price & affordability; the nominal cost of prepaid plans in the USA is $40. In addition, a mobile hotspot turns your smartphone into an Internet provider and can be used anytime, anywhere.

The only constraint it has is its exhaustible data limit if you don’t have an unlimited Internet plan on your mobile. So in case of a limited data plan, you need to use it with caution and can be used for light work like surfing, sending texts, and emails.

If you are not comfortable with using a hotspot from your mobile, then you can also purchase a dedicated hotspot device from the market for the same task.

2. Mobile Tethering

use wifi without isp

This is another easiest way to get wifi without an Internet provider. Mobile tethering is also available on almost all smartphones and can be managed from mobile settings as a mobile hotspot.

Mobile tethering is a wired connection for Internet sharing, unlike wireless hotspots. You need to connect your laptop or computer with the tethering cable to work the same as a hotspot.

But tethering comes with limited functionality, like you can’t use this for long-distance as it is constrained by cable. Also, at a time, you can connect either one or two devices with your mobile phone.

However, it uses slightly less battery which can be considered a plus point compared to the mobile hotspot.

3. wifi Dongle

how to get wifi without internet provider

We have discussed how to get wifi without Internet provider using your smartphone, which has the drawback of battery consumption and low Internet speed.

To get over this, a wifi dongle comes in handy, which is a small device like a pen drive. It uses a sim card and has a wireless connection that can be shared with multiple users at a time.

Usually, a USB wifi dongle comes has higher speed and unlimited data packs, but ultimately it depends on your wireless providers. Apart from just surfing and emailing, dongles can be used for large data usage activities like video streaming, watching movies, etc.

4. Public wifi

how to get WiFi without internet provider

If you are looking for how to get wifi without Internet provider which costs you nothing, then you can consider public wifi. Whether you are at airports, restaurants, bars, or offices, public wifi is easily accessible.

However, on one side, public wifi is free for avail, but on the other side, they are no secure connection many times. So, always use VPN to connect with public wifi. To find out wifi near your locations, you can use the WiFiMap service, which is free.

5. Portable Cellular Router- Pocket wifi

WiFi without internet provider

If you regularly travel, then using a hotspot or tethering is not always feasible, and cellular routers do a great job in these situations. The cellular router is somewhat similar to the regular router and won’t require any cable to connect.

The only difference is that you are not connected to the Internet with a cable, but there is a slot for inserting a data-only SIM card that can connect to 3G and 4G networks. Unfortunately, these SIM cards are not for mobile phones.

6. Share Friend’s Or Neighbor’s Internet

When you want wifi without Internet provider, even without owing any sim cards, then better to purchase a shared connection with your friends.

With shared Internet data, you have to pay only half of the price of the plan without purchasing your Internet plan. However, it depends on the mutual understanding of friends!

Other than friends, you can also take Internet without Internet provider from your neighbors. Make sure that the connection is secure; otherwise, use VPN services as you don’t know who is connected with it.

7. FreedomPop

how to get wifi without internet provider

If you are looking for a completely free way how to get wifi without Internet provider, then it is for you. FreedomPop is a free wifi provider for mobile and laptop users.

Apart from free wifi, it offers free texts and wifi calls without any activation fee and contracts. But there is a hack! You have to deposit $2.99/month as a security fee which is later refunded.

You will get 10GB of data and unlimited calls, and 500Mb/month in subsequent months. However, you can upgrade your plans which cost you $42.99/Month and offers unlimited data.

Final Thoughts

It is all about how to get wifi without Internet provider, where we have discussed the 7 best ways to get free wifi. The best method depends on the user’s requirement and the location where you lived or traveled.

However, there are more ways to get wifi without an Internet provider, but I have discussed the best, most easy, and most secure ways to get free wifi. Remember, if you plan to use public Wi-Fi, always use a VPN for safe surfing.

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