How fast is NASA’s Internet speed?

We are all in awe of the minimum 1Gbps speed that 5G and fiber Internet promise (but haven’t yet delivered). However, even eight years ago, NASA deemed speeds of 500 Mbps or 1 Gbps trivial.

Yes, it’s true. Have you ever been amazed at how fast is NASA internet? NASA’s internet speed is 13,000 times faster than that we Perceived today, and it was 8 years ago.

In this article, I will try to find out the truth and burst some myths regarding how fast is NASA Internet in 2022. And Is NASA’s Internet speed really that fast?

How fast is NASA Internet?

How fast is NASA internet

In short, NASA’s Internet speed is 91 Gigabits per second, as measured during an experiment back in 2014. If we compare it to our current typical internet speed, it is approx. 13,000 times faster.

As a result, we cannot approach the incredible Internet speed that NASA has attained. Due to the fact that NASA does not use the same type of Internet connection that we have at our businesses and residences.

NASA entirely relied upon a shadow Internet network called “ESnet,” short for Energy Science Network. ESnet is capable of transferring files or data at a light-fast speed for large distances.

Is it really 91 gigabits per second? NASA internet speed 2022

Yes, after an experiment at NASA’s Washington DC headquarter, but this is not the complete story. In actuality, in comparison to our 500 Mbps Internet speed, NASA’s Internet speed is 11.3 Gigabytes.

When you hear “NASA has 91 Gbps Internet speed” then keep a close eye on the words. Because NASA has 91-Gigabit Internet speed Not 91 Gigabytes. In other words, it is 11.3 Gigabytes.

Still confused? Let’s understand the math.

1 Byte = 8 Bits
1 Bit = 0.125 Byte
1 Megabit = 0.125 × 10,00,000 = 125,000 byte or (125 Kilobyte)
1 Gigabit = 125,000 × 1,000 = 12,50,00,000 or (125 Megabyte)
91 Gigabit = 91 × 12,50,00,000 = (11.375 Gigabyte)

But don’t underestimate this number too. It is still 13,000 times faster than regular Fiber Internet. There is confusion only due to the Gigabits and Gigabytes that I already explained.

NASA’s Shadow Internet: ESnet

NASA internet speed 2022
Energy Science Network

Unlike the United States as a whole, NASA does not rely on the ordinary Internet; AT & T. NASA uses the shadow ESnet network, which is an abbreviation of Energy Science Network.

The Energy Sciences Network is a high-speed networking technology that supports researchers from the US Department of Energy as well as their international colleagues.

Employees at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are in charge of running it. This network directly connects well over 40 DOE Office of Science laboratories and research locations.

Currently, ESnet running on ESnet5 Internet connectivity since 2012, which we have known as 91 Gigabits per second. Soon, in near future, NASA going to launch the ESnet6 version that is claimed to have an Internet speed of 100 Gbps to 500Gbps.

The general public, however, has little reason to celebrate because NASA will not make this enormous Internet speed formula available for commercial use.

Why does NASA Need Insanely Fast Internet Speed?

Well, you now know how fast is NASA’s Internet but do you ever wondered why NASA required such high-speed Internet? Obviously, if NASA employees do not play high-end games or stream ultra HD videos, then why do they need such high speed?

Our prosperity is dependent on the success of NASA’s projects, which include the transportation of enormous amounts of data and critical information between its data centers.

NASA requires reliable Internet access to finish its major projects. In order to conduct its research, NASA also communicates with its national research institutions.

There are ten vital research centers connected by high-speed Internet around the world. Data from satellites is particularly time-bound, therefore, they also need to transfer information rapidly.

Additionally, disruptions will have an impact on the equipment they were remotely assessing or the tests they were doing.

Final Thoughts

It is all about how fast is NASA Internet and how fast NASA’s Internet transmits dataI hope this article is able to clear your doubts related to NASA’s Internet speed.

And yes, NASA is not using this light-speed Internet for streaming or gaming as they have other crucial projects on which humankind’s future depends. Along with the astoundingly quick pace of the Internet that NASA attained, we should be proud of its incredible job.

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