What Is Internet Radio, and how is it different from traditional radio?

The days of waiting around with your radio player to listen to certain news or music at a certain hour are long gone. Instead, the era of Internet radio, sometimes known as digital radio, is now one that is gaining popularity.

Despite extensive Internet access, very few know about Internet radio. In this article, we will learn what is Internet radio, what is digital radio, and how Internet radio is different from traditional radio. We also try to find if Internet radio is better than FM. So, let’s begin this interesting article.

What Is Internet Radio Or Digital Radio?

What Is Internet Radio
Smart Internet Radio

Internet radio is a term used to describe audio services that are broadcasted online. It means radio programs like news, music, streaming, etc., run over the Internet rather than broadcast on traditional AM or FM bands.

When we compare Internet radio, also known as web radio, with traditional radio, the former doesn’t depend on the local signals. It means you can access radio streaming from any location all over the world, unlike a specific range.

Internet radio, to put it simply, is accessed online, so in order to catch it, you require a standard Internet connection or a home Wi-Fi network instead of a traditional aerial.

Additionally, you can access it through an app on your smartphone, iPad, or smart TV, as well as a media player or web browser on your PC or laptop.

How does Internet radio work?

Till now, you understand what is Internet radio and how it is different from traditional radio. But how does web radio or online radio work? Does online radio require any specific equipment to listen to the radio?

As we discussed above, Internet radio means listening to radio programs over the Internet instead of being limited to a single radio frequency. Web radio, as the name implies, only requires a computer, browser, and Internet connection (It is called a radio station when combined) to play online radio all over the world. It doesn’t require any specific tool.

Online radio comprises live broadcasts, transmitted either by a live broadcasting program or pre-recorded MP3 files. Thousands of talk shows from around the globe can be listened to in real time. There’s also no requirement to strain to tune in to a frequency manually.

Is Internet radio better than FM radio?

what is internet radio

What is Internet radio? Is it better than FM radio? Technically, yes. Internet radio is far better and worth it than FM radio. It is considerably better than an FM signal to listen to Internet radio streaming, which is available at 320kbps. FM sound is even inferior to 192kHz Internet radio.

Additionally, the primary issue with FM radio—which digital radio resolves—is the foreground hiss that you experience if the connection isn’t sufficiently powerful to broadcast the tunes.

The biggest benefit of Internet radio is that there is no specific hardware or software needed to listen to Internet radio stations. A computer can stream an online radio broadcast as long as it is able to use a browser to establish an Internet connection.

What are the advantages of Internet radio?

Internet radio is fast, easy to connect, and easily accessible from anywhere and any location. For radio listeners, Internet radio is definitely a boon in one way or another. The benefits of Internet radio are the followings:

  • No geographic restrictions; listen from anywhere.
  • Varieties and tons of choices of language, programs, and genres.
  • A very limited number of advertisements.
  • Better sound quality and bandwidth.
  • Not dependent on a specific range of radio waves.
  • Meeting different cultures.
  • Can listen on any device.
  • Enhances language learning.
  • No requirement for specific equipment or device.

How do you listen to Internet radio?

what is web radio or digital radio

When compared to conventional FM radio, listening to radio online is incredibly simple because the former involves complications due to manual tuning. A smartphone, computer, tablet, or other smart devices that have the capability to stream media via Wi-Fi or the Internet is required for digital or web radio.

On popular Internet radio stations like Spotify, Pandora, or iHeart Radio, you may listen to a wide range of content at no cost. Live streaming broadcasting is available on several regional and national networks’ websites.

Is Internet radio free?

As long as you have connected through the Internet, the Internet radio is completely free to listen to or stream from anywhere. However, you must have either an Internet connection or a broadband service which is obviously payable.

Every online activity consumes a specific amount of data unless you have unlimited broadband.

Final Thoughts

It is all about what is Internet radio, web radio, or digital radio, where we discussed all about Internet radio along with its benefits. Though the Internet radio was launched in 1993 yet it is popular since the last decade when the Internet is widely accessible.

It requires just a smartphone/computer, data connection, or a browser to tune the radio, unlike a traditional radio. I hope you enjoyed this post; stay connected with us for more similar articles.

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