You may already know that small paragraphs and lines are user-friendly. So, today we will learn how to change line spacing in WordPress. Adding line spacing in WordPress is extremely easy, and it makes sentences visually elegant.

I’m not talking about adding line space between lines with the default method, Just by hitting the Enter button on Windows or the Return button on Mac. Instead, I will discuss a more advanced method where you can control the line spacing and change it accordingly.

We will discuss how to change line spacing in WordPress at any height you want instead of just single and double spacing. Let’s begin with how to add line spacing to a website, including the default spacing methods.

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How To Change Line Spacing In WordPress Paragraphs?

This article will explain 3 methods to change line spacing in WordPress; the default method, plugin method, and CSS method. In the default method, you can control line spacing up to some extent (single & double).

But in other methods, you can add line spacing as per your requirements. The WordPress limits do not bind you. Let’s begin.

1. Add Line Spacing In WordPress With Default Method

Whether you are using a Classic editor or Block editor, adding line space is the same in both the editors. You can insert single line space and double line space in a single click as follows:

Double Line Space

How To Change Line Spacing In WordPress

Every WordPress user is familiar with double spacing in WordPress. To add default double line spacing, just press Enter button in Windows and press the Return button on Mac devices. The dual space is automatically added to your paragraphs.

Single Line Space

How To Change Line Spacing In WordPress

While double space is highly prevalent in WordPress, very few users, know about the single spacing in WordPress.

To insert a single line space in WordPress, press Shift+Enter in Windows and press Shift+Return on Mac devices. The paragraphs will be displayed closer and lessen the height of lines.

2. How To Change Line Spacing In WordPress Using Plugin?

If you need more control over the line spacing and want to change line spacing in WordPress paragraphs, then plugins provide the best solutions. The Spacer is a plugin that gives you the ability to add different line spacing options to your WordPress editor.

In Gutenberg editor, spacer block is available by default. We will learn how to change line spacing in WordPress in the classic editor. Follow the below steps carefully:

Step 1. Install And Activate The Spacer Plugin

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and then go to the plugins section. Here click on the ‘add new‘ option, which leads to the downloading page.
  • Type Spacer in the search box, and you will see the required plugin on the screen.

adjust spacing in wordpress

  • Click on the install button and again click on activate button. That’s it. The plugin is added to your WordPress dashboard and can be accessed under the setting tab.

Step 2. Configure Spacer Default Settings

  • Now go to WordPress settings, and inside look for the Spacer option, which is added just after installation; click on this.
  • When you click, you are taken to the default tab of the spacer plugin. This tab creates a default spacer button on the classic editor.

How To Change Line Spacing In WordPress

  • In front of the default space height, enter the value of your required line spacing height, and next select the unit’s designation (you can leave it as default). Finally, save the changes at the bottom of the page.

Step 3. Add New Spacer To Classic Editor

  • This is the critical step for how to change line spacing in WordPress. In the above step, you can only get a single default spacer to the editor, but you can save as many spacing buttons as possible. This is useful when you work on different projects.

How To Change Line Spacing In WordPress Using Plugin

  • Click on the add spacing tab at the top and tap on the New Spacer button. The settings are almost the same as you have done above, except you can also give a name to each spacing to remember for future use.
  • Configure the Spacer as per your requirements and click on the save changes button at the end. If you require multiple spacers, follow step 3 multiple times.

Step 4. Change Line Spacing In WordPress

  • If you have followed the above steps correctly, multiple spacers will be added to your classic editor, and you can use them whenever you need them.

how to add spacing in wordpress

  • Go to the editor, at the toolbar of the classic editor, in the first row and the last column; you can see the spacer button. It has all the spacer configurations that we just added.
  • Just click over the spacing you want to add to your WordPress post. That’s it.

3. How To Change Line Spacing In WordPress Using CSS?

The most effective way to change line spacing in WordPress paragraphs is by inserting a CSS code into your website. Of course, you don’t have to bother about coding and all; just paste the code to your WordPress, which I’m providing here.

CSS is a plain text of a small code that is added to your website and runs throughout all the posts and pages. Let’s learn how to change line spacing in WordPress using CSS:

Change Line Spacing In WordPress

  • Go to Appearance and then head to the Customize option.
  • It leads to the next page, where you get various customization options.
  • Scroll down and look for Additional/Custom CSS; click on this.

How To Change Line Spacing In WordPress Using CSS

  • In the blank area, copy & paste the code below.
.post p { 
line-height: 1.5em;
padding-bottom: 15px;

Change Line Spacing In WordPress Using CSS

1.5em is line spacing between every line, and em referred a unit of value. You can change the value according to your need. 15px is the paragraph spacing of every post, which can also be changed.

  • Once done, click on the Publish button, and the spacing setting is updated to all the posts.

Final Thoughts

I hope you understand how to change line spacing in WordPress or add a break between WordPress lines. In this article, we have discussed the 3 best methods to add line spacing in WordPress paragraphs.

By changing the paragraph’s line spacing, you can make your paragraphs more elegant and readable. To cut a long story short, you can change line spacing using the default tool and plugins and insert the CSS code.

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