When we build a new WordPress website, we look for an eye-catching design, especially for the homepage, as it is the first page where the user lands. In this article, we will learn easy techniques to edit the homepage on WordPress.

Homepage, sometimes also referred to as the front page of a site, can be customized easily manually and with plugins.

The homepage is the most valued page of a site used to generate conversions, visitors, and sales. But by default in WordPress, the homepage of every site is built with recent posts which are most suitable for a content management system (CMS). However, do not get confused with the homepage as a landing page.

The homepage is sometimes also utilized as a landing page, especially by a small website. Meanwhile, you can read our detailed guide on what a landing page is and how to create a landing page easily and quickly.

Why edit a WordPress homepage?

Before jumping on how to edit homepage on WordPress, let’s have a look at why we should edit a homepage of a WordPress site. As we know, WordPress by default displays the most recent page on the homepage, but we can edit it.

  • The recent post page does not work for large WordPress sites, business sites, or sites that work as an e-store.
  • Intend to get subscribers and leads instead of providing the content.

How to add homepage on WordPress?

The homepage is the main door to enter a site, and I hope you already have a homepage before you are going to edit it. But if you have just started to build a website, follow the below steps to set up a homepage. You can also read a comprehensive guide on adding and editing a page on WordPress.

  • Login to your WordPress account using your username and password.
  • Head to the Pages section and click on Add new page tab; Pages >> Add New Pages.

how to edit homepage on WordPress

  • Add images, links, texts, videos, or whatever you like to be on your homepage.
  • After this, All is done, click on Publish button.

how to edit homepage on WordPress

  • Now you have a homepage in which you can edit further sections.

How to Set a Static Homepage?

Instead of visualizing your recent posts on the homepage, you might like to display a static page whenever any visitor hits your site. I am assuming now you learned how to create WordPress pages; Pages >> Add New Pages.

  • First, head to the dashboard, look for setting among various sections, and click on the Reading tab; Setting >> Reading.

edit homepage on WordPress

  • Inside the Reading section, you can see the homepage displays option appear in which either you can select recent posts or a static page.

how to edit homepage on wordpress

  • Here, in the homepage tab, you can decide what WordPress will display on the static page of the homepage, like about us, contact us, home, etc.
  • Finally, click on Save Changes at the bottom, but the WordPress homepage is still empty; we have to edit it to make an ideal homepage.

How to edit homepage on WordPress with the built-in theme?

The best method to edit the homepage is to start with an in-built theme of your WordPress site. Almost all WordPress themes offer an optimum customization level to design the homepage as per the desire. To edit the homepage of the site, follow the below steps:

  • First of all, log in to your WordPress account using login credentials.
  • Navigate to the Appearance section and click on customize tab; Appearance >> Customize.

how to edit homepage on WordPress

  • You can edit the entire WordPress theme on the editing page, but we look only for the Homepage Setting by scrolling down.
  • As you click on the homepage setting, you can make edits, and your every editing will be reflected as a preview on the right side.

how to edit homepage on wordpress

  • You can select whether you want to make your homepage with the latest posts or a static page.
  • Once selected, you can change the title’s tagline by clicking on the pencil symbol on the right side and editing it on the left-side editing options.

Edit the theme of website

  • Similarly, scroll down and edit other blocks available on your theme even the blocks and texts are moveable and deletable.
  • Add new blocks, which can be text, image, video, animation, etc., that you want to be at the homepage of your site, as shown below.

How to edit homepage of wordpress website

  • The addition of any can be done via + icon after selection of pencil icon as seen in the above screenshot.

This is the most basic editing you can perform to alter the homepage design, but the available blocks depend on the theme you are using. But if you are looking for how to edit homepage on WordPress, then above are the simple and common steps on any theme.

You can check the live preview on the right side, and if it looks like what you want, then click on the Publish button at the top left corner.

How to edit homepage on WordPress with Classic Editor?

You can edit the homepage by using any of the editors on WordPress, either Classic or Block editor. For reference, I will tell you how to edit homepage on WordPress using the classic editor, and you can follow similar steps on block editor also.

Before beginning, I assume that you have created a page already named home (or else you name it). If you do not have a home page already, then follow the above steps or simply go to the pages section as Pages >> Add New.

how to edit homepage on WordPress using classic editor

Edit the homepage by clicking on the edit option below the post title. The best part of editing a homepage with editors is that you can easily customize the page as you write a post.

Start typing anything you want to display on your front page, like “Welcome to the BasicWebGuide,” by selecting the heading of a sentence.

how to edit homepage of a wordpress site

You can change the style and heading of the text by clicking on the heading button and making an impactful selection. For example, you can make the text bold, Italian, quoted, colorful, etc. During editing, if you make any wrong selection, you can easily undo WordPress changes.

Add any media like images, videos, audio, etc., by clicking on Add Media button that you want to display on the front page. For example, you can add an image or video that conveys a strong message to your visitor compels them to visit other pages.

how to edit wordpress homepagehow to edit homepage on wordpress

To attract your visitors to explore your site more, you have to create a powerful page. Then, scroll down the page to access your WordPress theme setting and make required customization here. For example, you can add a strong header apart from the page’s title you previously created.

Then upload a logo for your page, which is very important, and you can do this by clicking on add image tab on the theme setting section. Additionally, add an eye-catching footer that displays the copyright section and widgets. If you have any ready-made template for the footer, which is recommended, then upload it here.

edit wordpress homepage

Once you design your homepage or edit the WordPress homepage according to your wish, then click on preview and finally click on Publish button on the right side of the page.

How to edit homepage on WordPress using Plugin?

We can create and edit the homepage of WordPress sites easily using plugins. Although WordPress has such tens of plugins, I will discuss here the Beaver Plugin, which can create and edit the homepage and the landing page of any site. Install and activate the Beaver plugin from your WordPress account.

edit wordpress homepage of website

If you haven’t used Beaver builder earlier, then you have to Launch the Beaver editor.

  • First, open the homepage which you already created and launch the beaver by clicking on the setting column on the right side.
  • Click on the plus (+) icon at the top, which opens a pop-up tool on the screen.
  • Now you have three tabs here; Modules, Rows, and Templates.
  • First, select the templates tab and click on any template which you want to show on your homepage; wait a few seconds to upload it.

how to edit wordpress homepage

  • The selected template will appear on the editing board, and now you can edit this. You can remove, edit, and delete any text and customize images and videos.
  • For a while, if you select any text, the text editing options appear like font style, color, spacing, size, margin, etc. Then, make necessary changes and click on the Save button.

how to edit homepage on wordpress

  • Next, please move to the module tab where you can add audio, video, call to action button, any HTML code, etc. and customize them as mentioned above steps. You can also add commercial ads on the homepage, countdown timer, contact form, etc., but all these come under the subscription package.

how to edit homepage on wordpress

  • Once all is done and you design your WordPress homepage as you imagine to have, then click on the Done button at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Now, you have 3 options when you click on the done button; Discard, Save draft and Publish button.
  • Click on publish button, and your task is done.

Final Thoughts

It is all about how to edit homepage on WordPress by using different methods, and I hope you like this article. This is a detailed guide on a homepage, why you need a homepage, and how to edit the WordPress homepage.

As you see, we have multiple methods to edit the homepage in WordPress, including editing with the site’s theme, using the editor, and using plugins. We also learned how to build a page, a homepage, and how to set a page as a homepage.

Although there are various plugins to edit the homepage or page building like Beaver, SeedProd, Elementor, Thrive Architect, etc., but I use here beaver due to its simplicity and wide acceptability. So let me know which method you most prefer to edit the WordPress homepage.

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