Are you looking for the best WordPress alternatives in 2022? Then you are at the right place. Undoubtedly, WordPress is the best blogging and website building platform and 43%+ WordPress-powered website on the Internet justify it.

Millions of million websites are powered by WordPress that are not only doing good but also boasting as big brands!

Despite the popularity and top-level customization, WordPress is not a one-stop solution for everyone. People, who are looking for something unique and with broader customization, move on to the alternatives of WordPress. In this guide, I will introduce you to the top 10 best WordPress alternatives in 2022. Also, read a detailed comparison of WordPress Vs Custom Websites.

Why require a WordPress alternative?

Although, WordPress is a rich-featured web building platform where you can build any type of website within minutes. Yet following are the reasons when people are looking for WordPress alternatives:

  • In WordPress, you have to manually manage your all security and backup issues but many users don’t want that.
  • You can’t create a perfect E-Commerce website on WordPress.
  • If you are looking for a maintenance-free platform.
  • WordPress is more suitable for big fish nowadays, if you look to build a small blogging site then it is not profitable.
  • A large bundle of plugins is not updated for years and also some are broken.

Top 10 Best WordPress Alternatives In 2022


best WordPress alternatives

Starting from last, Ghost placed 10th position in the list of best WordPress alternatives but it doesn’t mean that it is worth least. Ghost is a freemium WordPress alternative and a perfect solution for those who only looking for a simple blogging platform. It is a NodeJS-based software dedicated to blogging only.

When blogging started to head in different directions like eCommerce, marketing, memberships, etc., Ghost was there to survive blogging and take it away from clutters. However, this platform is less popular among bloggers yet you can try this if you are a complete beginner or looking for a subscriber-based platform.

Top Features of

  • Free blogging platform.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Best for membership and subscription-type websites.
  • Faster load time.
  • A large number of integrations.
  • Price/month: Free  |  $9-$199 (based on members).


Top 10 Best WordPress Alternatives In 2022

Agree or not, Blogger is among the best WordPress alternatives, especially for a personal blog. Even I would state this as a savior of new bloggers who don’t want to spend money but looking for a decent platform. But what makes it a considerable alternative to WordPress?

The first reason is that Blogger is a completely free and extremely easy platform to build a site and second, it is hosted by Google. What else is better if Google itself hosts your site and provides enough customization options to publish your opinions. Although, it has limited themes and templates (leave plugins!) yet having free is worth giving a shot.

Top Features of

  • Completely free blogging platform, no hidden cost.
  • Hosted and Secured by Google.
  • Coding skills are required to make structural changes.
  • Best for personal blogs.
  • No plugins.
  • Price: Free.


top wordpress alternatives

Shopify is one of the best WordPress alternatives which has a specialty in eCommerce and selling sites. If you want to create an online store then nothing could be better than Shopify. Shopify helps you build an eCommerce website backed by powerful tools that help you find customers and drive sales.

Shopify is a bit expensive even a basic plan costs you $29 per month but at this price, you can easily set up your whole eCommerce website.

Top Features of

  • Best for eCommerce and marketing sites.
  • Easy to build a new online store.
  • Not free but comes with a trial.
  • Ready to start templates and innumerable integrations.
  • Top security options.
  • Easily manage orders, shipping, and payments.
  • Price/month: Basic- $29  |  Shopify- $79  |  Advanced- $299.


best wordpress alternatives

Joomla is a self-hosted and open-source platform that is mostly used by high authority sites and membership website users. This is in the list of best WordPress alternatives due to large customization options including articles, banners, menus, media, redirects, and SEO settings despite free CMS.

Although Joomla is a free CMS, built-in multilingual, and has large customizations options while on the other side, this platform is quite complex for beginners. Instead of an alternative to WordPress, I think in some or another way, it is better than WordPress with more than 6500+ extensions.

Top Features of

  • Free and Open-Source web development platform.
  • Best for social networking, community, and membership sites.
  • Built-in multilingual.
  • A huge number of free extensions.
  • Highly secured functionality like two-step verification.
  • Price: Free.


top wordpress alternatives

Most of the top government and high authority sites are built with Drupal, a free WordPress alternative. Drupal is amazingly a great platform similar to Joomla with highly flexible CMS and infinite customization features as well as known for easy handling of heavy traffic.

Drupal offers similar modules and themes as plugins and themes in WordPress respectively, however not as much as the latter. Most government organizations prefer Drupal as compared to other popular CMS due to robust security systems and database encryption.

Top Features of

  • Free website building platform.
  • Highly secured and encrypted database.
  • Highly configurable modules.
  • Best for government organizations and institutions.
  • Built-in multilingual.
  • Huge library of free modules.
  • Price: Free.


best wordpress alternatives

Weebly is considered among the best WordPress alternatives due to its easy-to-use function and intuitive design. The websites are completely hosted on WordPress itself, however, you can build a free site there at no cost but include ads. If you are a beginner then you get full guidance here.

This platform allows you to build a full commercial or e-commerce website with simple steps. You can easily create different types of websites including portfolios, blogs, and eCommerce stores at cheap prices. Weebly offers limited customization options but if you have coding skills then I would recommend it over Wix and other alternatives.

Top Features of

  • Free website builder (with ads).
  • Without ads, website at a lower price (most affordable).
  • Pre-designed beautiful templates.
  • Complete website building guidance.
  • A suitable platform for small as well as large businesses.
  • Price/month: Free  |  Connect-$5  |  Pro-$12  |  Business-$25.

4. CMS

top 10 wordpress alternatives

HubSpot CMS is a powerful and fully integrated content management system that offers free tools, marketing services, and sales in one place. I consider this one of the best WordPress alternatives for its powerful tools, including adaptive testing. Everything for everyone in HubSpot from a small personal blog to a large MNC!

Some claim it is a bit expensive as compared to its competitors but the price includes SEO tools, powerful analytics, blogging tools, live chat software, email marketing feature, multi-language content support.

Once you build a website on HubSpot, you can leave everything to its robust system that maintains all from visitors, sales, marketing, link building, etc.

Top Features of CMS

  • Best for lead generation and large businesses.
  • Powerful marketing add-ons.
  • Free CRM tools.
  • It is fully secured with firewalls.
  • Instant customer support.
  • Price/month: Starter- $23  |  Professional- $360  |  Expertise- $1200.


best wordpresss alternatives in 2022

Squarespace offers a complete setup to build a website easily. It has professional and beautiful yet restrictive templates to build the website. If you want to start a blog to fulfill your photography passion, Squarespace is among the best WordPress alternatives.

It also comes in the list of expensive alternatives to WordPress, however, it offers domain registration, hosting, themes and templates, eCommerce, etc., in its plans which make it expensive. Another pain point of Squarespace is its limited functionality like no plugins and drag-drop modules.

Top Features of

  • The best solution for photography and image-rich sites.
  • Almost ready-to-work templates.
  • Missing auto-save and plugins.
  • Balanced design for e-commerce sites.
  • Lots of marketing tools.
  • Price/month: Personal- $16  |  Business- $26  |  e-commerce- $35.


best WordPress alternatives is among the best WordPress alternatives when you are looking for an affordable alternative to WordPress. You can build your personal website at just a cost of $1.95 per month while $3.95 per month for an online store.

However, if you want to build a custom website with then I wouldn’t recommend it as it is a bit expensive. There are notable freebies if you go with the like business email address, autosave & backup features, website security solution, SEO tools, website analytics.

Top Features of

  • The best solution for small businesses.
  • No coding, no skills, just drag & drop.
  • Best affordable alternative to WordPress.
  • Fast online store builder.
  • Thousands of free ready-to-work templates.
  • Excellent chat and live support.
  • Price/month: Personal- $1.95  |  Online store- $3.95  |  Custom- $1500.


top 10 best WordPress alternatives in 2022

If you are looking for the best WordPress alternative with a flexible design then Wix would be your first choice. It comes with free (but limited features) as well as paid plans and is amazingly designed for all types of sites, especially for small businesses.

Beginners can easily build a free website on this platform as it doesn’t require any coding skills, just drag and drop. Wix has an edge over WordPress when it comes to the e-commerce website where the latter is stingy for e-commerce customization.

Top Features of

  • A large number of free templates.
  • Auto website building with ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence).
  • Create your own online store easily.
  • Free web hosting.
  • Free Website building.
  • Price/year: Free with Wix ads  |  $11.99-$52.

Final Thoughts

This is the complete list of the top 10 Best WordPress Alternatives In 2022. These are not the only best alternatives to WordPress but definitely, are the top 10 based on ease of use, compatibility, price, and complexity. We discussed free, open-source, beginner-friendly, eCommerce, and other different types of websites.

You can make your choices according to your requirements, preferences, and suitability. I hope you like this post and are also agree with our listing. What WordPress site do you use and which is the best WordPress alternative according to you, let me know through the comment section.

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