Are you want to create a website for your business or for yourself and you are confused between WordPress vs custom websites, which one is better and why? Then in this article, I am going to clear your all confusion. First, I will talk about WordPress vs custom websites and what are the pros and cons of WordPress and custom websites.

The ease of functionality, freedom of customization, cost, and maintenance should be considered to choose the right platform. Before starting a blog or website, these points must be clear so that you can invest time and money in the right platform.

Remember, no platform is entirely perfect; each has its pros and cons, plus and minus, complexities and easiness. Indeed, planning a new website comes through intense research by comparing all the aspects. Today, I am going to do this part for you, so you can analyze which is the better platform for you.

What is a WordPress website?

Before diving into the difference between WordPress vs custom websites, pros and cons, we must understand these two platforms first. WordPress is the simplest yet most advanced and popular platform to create your blog or website.

difference between WordPress vs custom website

According to W3techs, 43.2% of the websites are running on WordPress, and this percentage is growing day by day. It allows users to create a website easily as per your wish and any type you think. Learn here how to create a WordPress account easily.

Whether you are an individual, big business, or a government organization, WordPress provides the best results for everyone. There are adequate and self-explanatory reasons behind the popularity of WordPress, as mentioned in the next section.

Pros of WordPress Website

  • Beginner-friendly: It doesn’t matter if it is your first website; WordPress provides solutions to all the encountered problems with an easy guide.
  • Built-in themes: WordPress has powerful built-in themes so that you can build any type of website by just selecting a suitable theme.
  • Easy Customization: This is the most significant plus point of WordPress, which stands out from the crowd.
  • Cost-Effective: WordPress has a very affordable price compared to its features and services.
  • Free (and Paid) Plugins: WordPress has tons of free and paid plugins, making your blogging journey extremely easy.
  • SEO Friendly: In the end, we need an SEO-friendly website to get a good ranking. And this work is done by WordPress itself with its pre-designed SEO-friendly themes.

Cons of WordPress Website

Despite tons of benefits, WordPress also has cons, not many but one. The cons are that WordPress is not custom, which means you have to bound at last with the pre-defined themes or template elements. Although it has innumerable customization options to make a perfect website, you can not go beyond the theme itself.

However, I do not consider this a significant disadvantage (as compared to advantages). Still, most companies love to have a custom design, and WordPress is not the first choice for them. 

Let’s discuss custom websites before understanding the difference between WordPress vs the custom website.

What is a Custom Website?

As the name suggests, a custom website is a website that doesn’t have constraints with a template or theme, and you can design a website from scratch. What is mean? It means custom websites don’t have pre-build or pre-defined templates; you have to design it through coding.

You can customize and modify custom websites anytime and change the design as your business grows. The only thing that matters is the skill level of a web developer and having full liberalization over the design and looks.

Pros of Custom Website

  • No design constraints: As discussed above, a Custom website can be designed as the user want irrespective of any theme or template.
  • Flexibility: Custom websites can be modified or rebuilt quickly at any time.
  • Encourage creativity: You can utilize your next-level creativity to design your website that boosts the business branding.
  • Security: Although WordPress has also strengthened security options, when it comes to which is better, WordPress vs Custom website the latter has the upper hand.

Cons of Custom Website

  • Cost: Indeed, the cost is the first and foremost constraint or disadvantage of custom websites. An individual or small company can’t afford the expenses of designing cost, security and launching cost of custom websites.
  • Complex to design: A custom website requires a lot of coding and web development skills to build a decent website. Even a minor mistake can destroy the whole website in seconds.

What is the difference between WordPress vs Custom website?

Till now, you have gotten the basic idea of WordPress vs Custom website, pros and cons of WordPress and Custom website. Now, I am sharing a detailed comparison table to show the difference between WordPress vs Custom website that makes it easy to understand.



Custom Website


Up to $100/month

Up to $1000/month


Constrained with theme

Design as per wish


Powerful themes and templates

Don’t have any templates or themes


Easy to design, no skills required

Complex to design required good web development skills


Moderate control

Fully controlled by the user


Decent security options

Security is fully controlled by the owner


The website is ready within minutes

Take the longer time up to some days

Final Verdict: Which is better WordPress vs Custom website?

I hope you understand what is the difference between WordPress vs Custom website and what are their features. After reading this article carefully, you may know which one is better of these two and which one you should select.

The choice of the platform does not depend only on complexity or price but also depends on what you want from that. For example, WordPress is recommended if you are an individual and want to start your website or an online store because WordPress can be handled easily by individuals and is easy to customize. You don’t require many skills to manage it.

On the other hand, if you are working as a big company and have aspiring plans regarding your website or branding your company through a website, then a Custom website is recommended because a custom website gives you full freedom to make a website exactly what you imagine.

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