Android phones and tablets have become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. The easy accessibility of the internet makes life easier, but on the other side, it opens the door of distractions for users, especially children.

To cope with this problem, people are looking for how to block a Website on Android as android devices are the primary source of distraction and inappropriate content.

Previously, I discussed how to block a website on Safari if you are Mac, iPhone, and iPad user. But due to increasing queries among Android users, I am discussing how to block a website on Android with and without 3rd party apps.

Blocking a website tremendously helps keep your children away from inappropriate content and work efficiently without distractions.

How to block a Website on Android?

Nowadays, Android OS offers many browsers to browse, but I will discuss only some popular browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox. Some browser provides a direct method to block a URL, but others require add-ons or 3rd party app to block a webpage. So let’s explore one by one:

How to block a Website in Google Chrome on Android?

Whether Android or desktop, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser. However, there is no direct way to block a website on Android for Chrome, yet you can block restricted content by reading another article on 7 Best Methods to Block a Website on Chrome.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and tap on the three dots on your top-right corner to access the settings of Chrome.
  • Scroll down and look for the Site setting, which leads to the new page.

How to block a website on Android

  • Here navigate the Protected Content.

How to block a website on Googel Chrome

  • Select the Blocked option, which blocks all the restricted content over the internet.

How to block a website on Android in chrome

How to Block a website on Android using App (Google Chrome)?

Above mentioned method of blocking a website on Chrome is not as effective as it doesn’t block a site but restricts only inappropriate content.

In this case, 3rd party apps are most helpful and provide instant results. One such application on Android is the BlockSite which is very powerful and available on the Android play store.

  • Click here to download the BlockSite app on your Android device or search in the play store and install the application. After installation, open the app and enable the BlockSite toggle.

How to block a website on Android with app

  • Enter the website or URL you want to block by clicking on the green plus (+) sign, then click on the checkmark.

Block a website on android

Similarly, you can block as many sites as you want or on which you found restricted content. For example, the BlockSite application lets you block a website on Android and helps you stay focused on your work.

How to Block a website on Android on Firefox?

Firefox for Android is designed similarly to desktop, where you can utilize the add-ons feature to add different extensions. First of all, open the Firefox app on your Android phone (or tablet).

Navigate to the Add-on section; otherwise, visit and hit the search button, which leads to the add-on page. Here, search for Block Site in the search bar at the top of the page.

how to block a website on firefox on android

When the Block site add-on appears on the screen, click on Add to Firefox button. That’s it, the extension added to Firefox and the URL that you want to block or restrict.

Which is the Best Parental Control App to block a website on Android?

Parental control apps are the alternative solution to block a website on Android. Mobile Security & Antivirus is the best parental control app that blocks all malicious websites and adult content in just a few steps.

It also protects you from fraud, phishing, viruses, identity theft, ransomware, and crypto-miners activities.

  • Go to the play store and search for Mobile security and antivirus; otherwise, click here to download the app.
  • Launch and open the app and look for the Parental Controls section; click on it.

How to block a website on Android

  • Then Select the protection level; Child, Pre-teen, Teen. Next, enable the website filter and grant the permissions it asks for.

Block a website on android using parental control app

  • Just below, tap on the Blocked list and enter the URL you wish to block or restrict by clicking on the (+) icon.

How to block a website on android using site blocker

Safe Search Browser for Android to Block a website

Safe search is another best method to block a website and restrict inappropriate content on the internet. However, there are tons of safe browsing apps, yet I found SPIN Safe Browser is most potent and suitable for children.

SPIN Safe Browser blocks pornography’s inappropriate content and makes it child-friendly and distraction-free. Download and install the application from Google Play Store.

Safe browser for android

You don’t need to sign in configure; select the theme and start using it. It asks you to make SPIN a default browser for your device; click on make it default for safe search.

Block a website on android using safe browser

It automatically blocks inappropriate and adult websites when you do any search. Pornography, adult sites, unsafe searches, malware, etc., non-kid-friendly websites automatically get blocked.

Block a Website on Android using NoRoot Firewall

Firewalls are the most secure way to block a website and create a wall between the web and the user. There are many firewalls available, but the NoRoot firewall is the most trusted and free firewall.

  • First, download and install NoRoot Firewall from the Google Play Store on your Android phone. Next, launch the app, navigate to the Global Filters tab, and tap on the New Pre-filter tab.

How to block a website on Android using NoRoot

  • A new pop-up screen appears on the device, enter the URL or web address on the blank field, and select (*) in the port field. Next, tick the Wi-Fi and data icon to block the site in both cases and click on the Ok button.

Block a website using NoRoot

  • You can see entered blocked URL in the pre-filter section.
  • Now, click on the Home tab and click on the Start button.
  • Your blocked URL is nowhere accessed through any browser or app on your device.

Final Words

It is all about blocking a website on Android with and without 3rd party apps. We access hundreds of websites daily for personal work, but we also encounter many websites that create a distraction.

Additionally, inappropriate content makes Android devices insecure devices for children. To cope with these two major issues, blocking a webpage or URL is necessary.

I mentioned the best methods to block a website on Android and hope you like this article. Any suggestions and questions are welcomed in the comments.

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