I already discussed a lot of times that Google stores your data and information in cache and cookies. So, we have to delete google search history, cookies, and cache regularly. Today I will discuss how to clear cache in google chrome. But before I start, I want to give you a basic idea of how cache works and store on our device.

What is Cache?

When you use Chrome browser, your browser saves some information and store these files on your device. These files are beneficial when you open your browser next time. Cache stored your font, images, style, design, and every detail from the browser.

Moreover, you may notice various cache files on your device. You can find them on your cache file under device data; as you can see, my cache file appears 323MB below in the image.

how to clear cache on gogle chrome

I periodically empty cache files; otherwise, it reaches up to some GB storage.

Why is it Important to Clear Cache?

It is important and necessary to clear it periodically to boost your devices, viz; laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. Emptying the cache will secure your privacy and improve the loading time of devices as well.

Moreover, cache files store the old version of the websites you visited. It implies that when any website makes an update on their site, you won’t pursue that. Once you clear the cache, your site may take more time to load at first to store your information. Now you understand what cache is and how it works.

Let’s understand how to clear cache in Google Chrome. 

How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome?

Clearing cache in Google Chrome is now easier than ever. Every device comprises a setting to empty cache files of the browser, and there are several tricks available to do that. Let’s reveal these methods:

1 – Clear cache via Chrome setting:

Remember, this method is approximately the same in all devices except locating the chrome browser setting.

  • Step 1– Open Google Chrome browser on your device(phone or desktop).
  • Step 2- Click on three dots on your right side top bar, a new section open that overlays your screen.
  • Step 3– Find history on the same tab, then a new screen emerges with numerous websites you visit till the time.

How to clear cache in Google Chrome

  • Step 4– At the top of the page, you can see “clear browsing data,” containing your cache files.
  • Step 5– Now, you have the option to choose a time range that implies up to what range you want to delete your cache.
  • Step 6- If you want to delete all cache files or all data, select the time range “All time” and tap on clear cache files( or images).
  • Step 7– Finally, click on clear data, and you will get a pop-up confirmation message once cleared. When you visit the website, you notice that some websites take time to load, but the good thing is that it will boost your device performance.

2 – Clear Cache via Chrome Browser:

This is the trick version that is unknown to most Chrome users. You do not have to locate the setting of the browser. Then what is the trick?

  • Step 1– Open the Chrome browser on your device and locate it to the browser’s address bar.
  • Step 2– Type “Chrome://history/” and press enter.

How to clear cache in Google chrome

  • Step 3– Instead of search engine results, new page-load with your history details and action with clear your browser history.

The rest of the steps are similar to the first method I discussed earlier.

3 – Clear Cache with a File Manager:

As of now, we know that the cache file is ultimately saved on your device. So, clearing cache directly from your phone or desktop is a good idea too. Using this idea, you also get to know how much cache data is stored or occupied on your device.

  • Step 1- The first step is to locate your file manager. On phone and desktop, you will have the icon of “File manager or File explorer,” but on iPhone, it could be iCloud drive (old iOS) or Files (newly updated iOS).”
  • Step 2– Now you got your file manager on your device, Now heads to the “android” folder and then search for the “data” sub-folder inside it.
  • Step 3– Inside the data folder, find “cache file.” Select cache file by long pressing and then click on delete, a confirmation message appears to delete files. All the cache stored on your chrome will get deleted.

What Happens When You Clear Cache?

As I already mentioned, cache stores every data and information regarding you and the website you visited. This helps our chrome browser to reflect a better user experience.

But at the same time, cache slows down your device performance by storing this unnecessary database on your file manager. Deleting these files free up space eliminate legging of the device.

Avoid deleting these files if you are working on important projects and extensively utilizing chrome browser; otherwise, it could delete information that you do not wish to delete. In this case, 3rd method best suits you, in which you can delete cache files according to your requirements.


I have concluded everything regarding what cache is, how it works, and why it is important to delete them. We also discussed when we should not delete cache files. I hope you get all your queries solved and also how to clear cache in Google chrome.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to let me know via comments.

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