Probably you were captivated by the stunning design of a website and desire to have the same design for your website. Then it would be best if you read this guide on how to copy a website design easily. You can build your website with the same design and elements (Obviously with restrictions) by copying the design.

When you build a new website, then the design of the site matters a lot and is also a encumber task. But when you copy a website design, then by modifying a bit like color or images, you can bring down the burden.

However, it would be best to remember that duplicating a website design is different from cloning a website.

How to copy a website design?

copy a website design

There are various methods of how to copy a website design, but I recommend you do not make a direct copy of the website and publish it as your own. Although you can download the entire website as I mentioned below, yet use this for general and learning purposes.

If you want to copy an entire website, then you can do this, but it contains copyrighted contents like logo, custom color designs, custom images, and trademarked materials. So, copying a website design is not sufficient; you also require basic level coding skills to make an exact copy of a website.

How to copy a website design with HTTrack?

Undoubtedly, HTTrack is the best free software to duplicate a website design which is also a powerful tool. It can copy the entire website, including images, text, CSS, and secret codes as well. Follow the below steps to replicate a website design:

How to copy a website design

  • Download the HTTrack tool and install it on your system.
  • Provide a project name for the particular operation.

How to copy a website design

  • Create a dedicated destination path/folder to locate it later quickly.
  • Click on the Next button to open the action tab.

how to duplicate a website design

  • Select download website(s) from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the site/web address you want to copy by clicking on the Add URL button.

how to copy a web design

  • You can enter as many websites as you can; HTTrack will copy each URL.
  • By clicking on Set Options, you can specify any parameters or add filters.
  • Your website starts downloading or copying, and the progress bar appears at the top of the page.

How to copy a website design with HTTrack

  • It may take a few seconds or minutes, depending on the website’s size.
  • Once finished, you can open the log files either in your system or on the internet.

Now you have complete designing codes HTML files of the website you loved. HTTrack copies everything from a website, including logo, custom design, etc., and you can modify it as per your desire. It will mirror the directory structure, files, and images present on the server.

Other methods to copy a website design

If you are looking for another way how to copy a website design, then you may struggle to get another method. HTTrack is the best possible and easy tool to duplicate a website design, but instead of copying an entire website, you can follow other alternatives:

  • Download or purchase a similar design template.
  • Copy/purchase the theme.
  • Hire a developer to generate similar HTML and CSS codes.
  • Add similar buttons, fonts, banners, footer, layout, etc.
  • Copy the layout of a website.
  • Copy widgets of the website.

Is copying a website design legal?

Copying a website design is not illegal if used for personal use, but using it commercially without the owner’s consent is entirely illegal.

If you don’t want to copy a website design in such a manner due to copyright infringement or you want the theme, a website has then read the best solution for how to find out which WordPress theme a site is using.

Copy a custom design, theme, logo, name, etc. is copyrighted from day 1 of the website built. You can’t just copy the design and publish it on your site, but you need to edit the custom codes. You can use them as inspiration or learn how the owner creates any specific design.

If you use anything from a website under copyright infringement, you are ready to face lawsuits, especially when the owner does not permit you. If there is no lawsuit, then it is alternatively takedown by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the complaint of the originator.

Final Thoughts

It is all about how to copy a website design and how you can duplicate a whole site. I discussed in this article the possible (but limited) method of replicating a website design. HTTrack software is the only capable and powerful tool that can copy the entire site, which you can use online or offline.

But I again want to aware you that you can use the downloaded copy of a website for only personal use or for inspiration purposes how the website was designed. Never create your website with the copied design without the owner’s consent.

Even if you published it without consent or modifications, it would not look exactly what you have seen earlier because some codes are distinct and change their structure if used multiple times. Also, from an ethical point of view, the custom design of a website comes under intellectual property rights, and another person can’t use it without permission.

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